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Rolling Hills Rehab direct line:
(608) 269-8800


The Activity Program is an ongoing program of meaningful activities appropriate to the needs
and interests of residents. This is done by providing the residents with physical, intellectual,
social, recreational, emotional and spiritual challenges and opportunities as well as privacy
and the respect not to participate if they so desire.

The program provides these challenges and opportunities in a planned, coordinated, and
structured manner to encourage resumption of normal activities and an optimal level of
functioning. The Activity Staff utilizes recreational, educational, leisure and community
resources under the direction of the Activity Coordinator to assist the resident in achieving
their optimal level of functioning.

In order to do this the Activity Staff must get to know the resident by talking with the
resident and family. The staff must also obtain and keep records of documentation of
resident's involvement and response to activities. The activity plan of care is determined
by this information along with input from the other home staff.
Activities are held throughout the facility in large and small groups as well as on a one
to one basis. Family and friends are invited to join their loved one at any of the activities.
Activity Staff frequently ask residents and their family for new and different activities to add
to and enrich and calendar of activities.

Examples of large group activities held in the Auditorium or Activity Room can include dances,
bingo, and other games of chance, musical programs, birthday and holiday parties, church
services, crafts, in house breakfast, Resident Council and special entertainment.
On unit the residents get together in small groups for discussion and reminiscing type programs,
story telling, game and trivia playing, exercises, Bible Study, viewing movies and sing a-longs
as examples. Community outings such as scenic rides, movies, shopping, fishing trips, going
to the fair and out to eat are also offered to residents. Special programming is done for the low
functioning resident as well as providing stimulation or solace to residents who cannot generally
benefit from other activities. The Activity Department supplies items to the residents to use
during their leisure time such as reading an writing material, puzzles, games, craft
supplies and playing cards.
Family and friends are invited to have social gatherings with their loved one and are welcome
to use rooms in our home. Reserving a room for a special event that can be done by
contacting the Activity Coordinator or one of the Activity Staff.

There are a variety of areas for residents to read, play pool, gather for socializing or work on a puzzle throughout the building.


"Promoting the Health, Well Being, Independence and Safety of All."