Written By Our Resident News Group

August 2016 News Article

We would like to start this month out by wishing those of us with birthdays in August a Happy Birthday: Ron, Ed, Jerry, Stella, Larry and Dennis.

We have had a busy month with a lot of outings that have been enjoyed by all. This past month we went for a scenic ride by the Amish and St. Mary’s Ridge. We enjoyed lemonade on the patio at the beginning on the month, but this ended up being moved inside due to the heat. A movie was shown while we enjoyed our lemonade. Some of us went on the park outing and we were able to watch the kids play Ragball for a while. We then went to the pool but there were no people swimming, so we decided to go for a scenic drive instead. We also went to a Concert in the Park. Leather and Lace was playing, and we always enjoy attending these concerts in the summertime. Some of us went to Ginny’s here in Sparta for ice cream one afternoon. It is always a special treat when we get to go there. We went shopping at WalMart as well. Our picnic in July ended up being cancelled due to the heat, but we still got to enjoy the good food from the comfort of the air conditioning. Some of us also attended Breakfast Club, which is always enjoyed by those who attend. We all enjoy getting a fresh cooked breakfast to order. We also had a lunch outing, but we ended up ordering in from Culver’s due to the heat.

We will be finishing off the month of July with our Water Balloon Toss, which many of us are excited for. There will also be a Breakfast outing, visit from the ice cream truck, music with Myron, Lions Bingo, and the Fair outing.

Many people came and shared their musical talent with us this month. We would like to give a special Thank You to Laurel, Dianne, our harp players, Prairie Dog Rehab, Myron, and Tim. We also had our furry friends come and visit us this month, and would like to give a special Thank You to them as well: Keota, Chic, Hemi and Jack. Thank you to all our musicians and pet therapy animals for sharing your time and talents with us. We always enjoy it when you visit! Lastly, we would like to thank the Lions for continuing to come and playing bingo with us.

Great day to go fishing!


You are never too young to have a waterballoon fight!