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Rolling Hills Rehab direct line:
(608) 269-8800

Nursing Services
and CNA's

The Department of Nursing mission is to provide superior, affordable, compassionate and knowledgeable services through a plan of care that supports each individual with a dedicated interdisciplinary team approach.

We provide 24 hour skilled nursing care to each resident with all shifts supervised by highly experienced registered nurses. Included in this care is the provision for peritoneal dialysis; tracheostomy care and other respiratory services; wound vacuum systems; intravenous (IV) hydration and antibiotic therapy; pain control; CADD; medication management; and all forms of specialized nutrition via feeding tubes.

The Certified Nursing Assistants at Rolling Hills Rehabilitation Center are essential and invaluable assets. They receive on-going education to enable the best care to be provided to the clients of the intellectually disabled living area; residents of the dementia care living area; short stay patients on the rehab floor; and those residents living in our CBRF and Nursing Home.

Restorative CNA services are provided 7 days a week.

The goal of the CNA staff is to create a trusting and caring environment and to enhance their quality of life.

It takes a truly special person to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. The Certified Nursing Assistants at Rolling Hills take pride in the care they are entrusted to give to make our home “your home.”


"Promoting the Health, Well Being, Independence and Safety of All."